What does a Business Consultant do?

We come and learn about how your business works, what particular issues you are facing and need to solve. Next we create a plan specific to your needs. Then, after it's been approved, we help implement it in your business; training your people in the new systems and processes to make sure it can be successfully managed in-house once we leave.


It is a challenge to list every area in which a business consultant can help your business,
so instead below you will find some of my most often requested services.
Streamlining existing systems and processes or implementing new ones. Organization of office procedures. Fine tuning paperwork handling and reviewing business procedures and policy to increase efficiency and buy-in from your people.
Refresh your current website content or update it entirely. From simple changes to a whole new look with WordPress website creation and implementation.
Ensuring you get your message in front of your ideal clients with marketing plans that reflect your businesses unique selling point. This can be simply tweaking copy through to complete rebranding.


So who is Vanessa - The BizAssist?

For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about business. Being a serial entrepreneur from an early age (as a kid I was always looking for ways to make extra "pocket money") I have now been working with individuals, small businesses and not for profits for more than 20 years. In that time I have helped numerous business owners across all sorts of industries to grow their businesses. I love working one on one with business owners and their teams.
If I had to sum up all the different things I do for a business into one simple sentence it would be this; “I solve problems so your business runs smoother”.
My extensive experience is backed up by various qualifications in business and management as well as film/TV production (to learn more about my award winning documentary short click here), along with a healthy dose of practical life skills gained during the several years spent traveling and working around the world.
I have an appetite for knowledge so enjoy learning about a variety of subjects, and continue to up-skill in business, web design and IT related areas.
As a Business Consultant I have worked closely with clients across many different industries, areas and systems. Resulting in one of the things my clients most appreciate it that when they have a problem I may well have already tested and  implemented the solution in another business I have worked with so can offer solutions I know work. Working with a Business Consultant is easy as we are contractors and work on either a project or retainer basis. So if this sounds interesting to you then I look forward to hearing from you and learning about your business and its needs. To start a conversation with me please contact me on the below email.
Vanessa Hudson
Vanessa Hudson

Business Assistant